Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Magical Daw


Authors Found in Daw 30th Sci FI
Lisanne Norman  Magical Beginnings
1. Turning Point (1993)

The Collected Short Fiction of C. J. Cherryh (2004)

Authors Found in Daw 30th Sci FI/Space Stations

1. Dragon and Thief (2003)
1. Night Train to Rigel (2005)

Julie E. Czerneda (3)
Night's Edge 1. A Turn of Light (2013)
Night's Edge 2. A Play of Shadow (2014)

Authors found in Fantasy DAW 30th anniversary
Fiona Patton Magical Beginnings
The Huntsman

Mickey Zucker Reichert Magical Beginnings
1. The Beasts of Barakhai (2001)
2. The Lost Dragons of Barakhai (2002)

 1. To Protect (2011)
2. To Obey (2013)

 Nightfall's Promise
Race for the Sky

Mercedes Lackey (59) Magical Beginnings
Legacies (2010)
After Midnight • [Valdemar] • (2002)

 Tanya Huff (1) Magical Beginnings
The Enchantment Emporium (2009)

 Michelle West  Magical Beginnings
The Memory of Stone

Melanie Rawn
1. Touchstone (2012)

 Authors found in Magical Beginnings
Esther M. Friesner (4)
1. Gnome Man's Land (1991)

The best alternate history stories of the 20th century

 Story found in The unicorn treasury

Time Travel and Hard Space Opera

urban fantasy anthology



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