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 After the Cross  Brandon Barr
 Two linguists follow a trail of clues described in an 800-year old letter which purports to reveal the final resting place of Jesus’ cross, only to find themselves battling against time, hired mercenaries, and each other.
        They soon discover that the most important struggle of their lives is not around them, but from within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another

Dale Estey  Books at Open Library         Official Website
My published novels include the popular fantasy A Lost Tale and the thriller The Bonner Deception. I also have two editions of humorous and spiritual short stories, The Elephant Talks to God, which are appreciated by both young and old.

My manuscripts range from stories about unicorns and druids in the 'Passing Through Trilogy' to the 9/11 destruction of New York. I have filled in the missing diaries of Franz Kafka; recounted the first person dementia of a serial killer; explored the outrageous lifestyle of the famous; and listened in while an elephant and God converse. I currently switch my attention between the saga of a family of onion farmers, from Fourth century Italy to the present day, and a contemporary NATO thriller.

A Lost Tale by Dale Estey(Aug 1980)
The Elephant Talks to God by (Oct 5, 2006)

Fr. Serafim Gascoigne

Landing Place
When the fog came, there was no warning. Nikolai was directly over the Devil's Rocks. It sprang up like a demon from a smoke stack. It was so quick and unexpected that before he knew what was happening, it had shot upwards in white, ghostly spirals, fingering the underside of the fuselage. The Landing Place is a fast-paced historical adventure novel based on an account by a former pilot in the Russian Imperial Airforce. Nikolai Rostovsky, a young Russian pilot, is sent on his first solo mission over Mount Ararat. His orders are to reconnoiter recent Turkish troop movements. But the reconnaissance becomes a series of hazardous adventures that are not only life-threatening, but will change his life forever. Nikolai is forced to crash land in sub-zero temperatures, to spend the night in a strange wooden building half buried in the ice, and to confront lightning storms, avalanches and wild animals. He is hunted by an ambitious Turkish captain and stalked by an unseen humanoid creature. But it is his encounter with the silent Natasha and her mysterious grandfather that will change things forever.

Roman Carnival  (May 28, 2010)
THE DISCOVERY of an ancient Temple of Mithras causes great excitement among the residents of Ladbroke Square, London. At the suggestion of the curator of the British Museum, the residents decide to hold a Roman Carnival, complete with fancy dress, refreshments, tours and speeches. However, unknown to the large crowed gathered for the Carnival there are 'Ravens', Roman assassins from 65 AD.This is a fast paced historical/fantasy, combining Cockney humor and suspense.

Phillip Ellis Jackson
Jackson uses his extraordinary background, which reaches into the highest levels of business, academic life and government, to create unique, realistic stories.

Timeshift: Timeshift Trilogy Book I Feb 23, 2001)
Between Two Worlds: Timeshift Trilogy Book II (Jan 17, 2011) –
What Price Paradise?: Timeshift Trilogy Book III with  John William Galt (Oct 15, 2002)

Promisetown (Mar 10, 2012)
T. J. Smith
A World Away: The Quest of Dan Clay: Book One (Feb 24, 2009)

Nine hundred years ago, fifty men committed such unspeakable acts that even hell proved insufficient punishment for them. To avert a potential underworld mutiny of horrific proportions, these fifty insurrectionists were relocated through a portal from the pit of hell to the dark Eldritch Forest of another world, parallel to our own. Upon their banishment, the condemned men were transformed into hideous half-man and half-serpent creatures.

Thirteen years ago, William Clay -- then a mere child -- disappeared from a nearby forest, never to be seen again. Only recently, his younger brother, Dan, acquired information on the history and folklore of the forest from a questionable source. After analyzing the facts and legends, Dan suspects that his brother fell through the portal and is being held captive in the parallel world by the fifty fiends. Join Dan and three friends as they embark on an out-of-this-world journey where they are hunted by savage beasts along the footpath to a demonic castle.

The pages within are your passport to A World Away where the unimaginable becomes reality, the unnatural becomes the norm, and the uninvited become fitting prey.

Other Books in Series
A World Away: The Quest of Dan Clay: Book One by T. J. Smith (Oct 14, 2007)
The Sinister Realm: The Quest of Dan Clay: Book Three by T.J. Smith (Jun 29, 2010)

 J. Patrick Sutton
The series of novels that make up The Irredente Chronicles take place in the late 6th Empire, the time of the Irredentist Hegemony. The novels invoke the past and are full of strange things and people from the past.

To provide deep background for the 4th and 5th Empires, I have a
series of stories that stand on their own or may be read as a kind of "history." These stories are also literary experiments in which questions of authenticity and veracity are at the fore.

Chris Walley    Official Website
After an unparalleled spiritual revival (the ‘Great Intervention’) the human race survives the 21st century and during a long period of grace, peace and blessing, spreads out among the stars. Then, in the year 13,851 evil returns to the most distant of the inhabited worlds and once more men and women must battle with the sin and wrong. And then… Ah, but that would be to spoil the plot.

Lamb Among the Stars
1. The Shadow At Evening (2002)
2. The Power of the Night (2003)
3. The Dark Foundations (2006)
4. The Infinite Day (2008)
The Shadow and Night (omnibus) (2006)

Heart of Stone (1989) (writing as John Haworth)
Rock of Refuge (1990) (writing as John Haworth)

Robina Williams  Official Website

Quantum Cat series.

Jerome and the Seraph
Top Rating of 10 from Harriet Klausner
...JEROME AND THE SERAPH is a simple entertaining book that ironically connects complex topics (the afterlife, mythology, and quantum physics) into a wonderful fantasy that hooks readers from the moment Al and Jerry exchange a few words. The tale never lets go until Brother Jerome completes his journeys, though Quant steals the show. Fans who appreciate an amusing with serious undertone adventure tale will appreciate Jerome Through the Looking Glass guided by Quant the Cheshire cat. Reviewed by
Harriet Klausner for Review Centre.
Death has done nothing to stop Brother Jerome's busy life. Now, rather than remain in his friary in prayer and contemplation, he tours the afterlife, usually in the presence of his feline companion, Leo, a.k.a. Quant, the cat with the ability to travel in time and space through quantum leaps. In this sequel to Jerome and the Seraph, Williams tells a twofold tale of one priest stranded in the ancient labyrinth of Knossos and another struggling with his own search for holiness-with only a small but very unusual cat to guide them both. With its graceful hominess, quiet humor, and abiding faith, Angelos belongs in most fantasy, Christian fantasy, or New Age collections.

"Third in a series, this fantasy novel is about Quant, a house cat who can cross between physical dimensions (and do a lot more than that). ...[Gaea] is a really well-done novel with a strong, but not overdone, environmental message. The next time you litter or waste resources, just think, Gaea is watching."  Paul Lappen for Objectively Reviewed

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